1984 & A Brave New World
Two not-so-perfect, perfect worlds

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The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. Ludwig Wittgenstein

  • See the semester calendar for the reading and discussion schedule. The date for the essay is also there along with those for other activities.

  • Complete the study guide terms, questions, character chart, and symbols table by due date.

  • Groups will lead discussions on their sections. Ideas to help you with discussion.

  • Reading strategy: use sticky notes to record your thoughts as you read and stick them on the page they're connected to.

  • "Thoughtcrime," a 1984 Interactive Moo by Robert Rozema, Grand Valley State University: (Internet security on our school system locked Sheboygan Falls students out of this great opportunity, but other teachers/students should give this "game" a try).

Further Reading:

  • "Nukespeak: A Hall of Mirrors" by Hilgartner, Bell and O'Connor

  • "Kids, earn extra cash! Rat on your enemies" by Katz

  • "Politics and the English Language" by Orwell


Discussion Ideas:

  1. Read your section twice, making notes in a journal or on sticky notes attached to the page.

  2. Prepare thought-provoking questions that are generally level two and three. There are basically three levels of questions: level one: literal--the answer can be found in the text directly; level two: interpretive--the answer can be drawn from the text in general, the answer is interpreted, a conclusion based on careful reading; level three: extension--the answer is found outside of the book, the text is a reference point for generating ideas beyond the text.

  3. Strategy: cite a passage and ask an open ended question. (Do not just say: "So, what do you think about that?").

  4. Strategy: point out symbols, metaphors, effective imagery or diction, dominant tones/shifts in tone and suggest the effect they have in the text/author's purpose.

  5. Keep your eye on the room and balance the responses.

Groups and Sections:

Group 1 5-27 Group 5 113-138
Group 2 27-55 Group 6 138-185
Group 3 55-87 Group 7 186-215
Group 4 88-113 Group 8 215-end (not Principles of Newspeak)


A Brave New World

Study guide: read the novel and complete this assignment on your own.


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