The Inferno

For each Section, complete the following chart:


This chart is for Cantos __________________



Examples, including page references when appropriate

What sinners are here? In general, what is the sin? If there are famous sinners, name them and briefly give their story.
























What is their symbolic retribution? Be specific.






Describe the landscape—any rivers? other distinguishing features?










Any “monsters” here? Name them and describe them. What purpose do they serve?




How does Dante fare in this section? What are his main questions/concerns? How is he holding up?






What insights, if any come from Virgil? What does he have to teach Dante?




Besides Virgil, who is here in this section to help Dante? Explain how.








Find and record one epic simile and explain what it means.









What is the most powerful image in this section and why?









Anything else? Reconnect with the allegory???