In class essay: The Inferno
John Ciardi's translation

Geryon, illustrated by Gustave Dore

We will scrutinize the passage together as a large group. Then, small groups will use the essay planning guide to pre-write and plan before writing a collaborative essay. Groups will then exchange essays for peer review, using the AP rubric and scorecard. In the end, we will come back to evaluate the process.

In Canto XXIV, Dante's allegory continues and he reinforces the idea that the struggle towards salvation is constant. Identify the prominent tone in the passage (pages 206-207), explain how the tone is created, and explain how the tone helps in Dante's purpose: to illustrate the difficulty of man's spiritual life.

What we are looking for:

Essay Planning Guide

AP Rubric

AP Scorecard

Evaluate the process: Answer the following questions:

  1. What have we learned about close reading?
  2. What should writers keep in mind when formulating a thesis?
  3. What steps should writers use when developing the thesis?

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