Ms Hogue's Editing Marks & Explanations

AWK Awkward phrasing or syntax which makes the sentence unclear.
CE Cause/Effect error.
CL State your claim.
CS Comma splice (you have joined two independent clauses with only a comma).
ES Empty sentence. This sentence really doesn't say anything important or add to the argument in any meaningful way.
EX Explain what you mean. Maybe you need to show why or how.
FC False claim. You've made a fact error.
IQ Introduce quotation/citation. You must give context before using the source material.
LP Use the literary present tense.
MFM This sentence reads like I've got a mouth full of marbles; it's a lot of words and it just sounds "bad."
NG Not grammatically correct.
NS Not a sentence.
ORG Organization is not good.
P Punctuation error.
RD Redundant; you've said this before.
RO Run on sentence.
SP Spelling (or the word is simply circled).
S Support is missing, lacking, needed.
TRANS You need a transition (sentence, phrase or word) to connect ideas here.
TS You need a topic sentence.
VS Value of sentence is questioned. How does this sentence support the main point?
WC Word choice is questioned. Either this word is wrong in this context or is not effective.
WS Well stated.
WQ Weave quotations in to make a smooth read and a grammatically correct sentence.
// Parallel construction error.
Unclear logical leap or connection is missing.
J Great point, good insight, or I just like this!
! Great point, good insight, or I just like this!
? I don't understand what you're trying to say.

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