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Unit Assignments:

Learn and apply poetry terms; use your Glossary & Guide

Read introductions in your lit book (poetry section) for chapters 3-15.

Review general questions for analysis and evaluation (p. 746-47).

Read and analyze several poems in class (whole class or small group)

group activity: plan for an explication of Dover Beach (892)

AP poetry essay

Poetry terms test

Chapter by Chapter:

Chapter Terms Poems Activities
3 (757) denotation, connotation There is no frigate like a book (758) Questions, 758
4 (771) imagery: 7 kinds After Apple Picking (780); Those Winter Sundays (781)  
5 (784) metaphor, simile, personification, apostrophe, metonymy Dream Deferred (805); To His Coy Mistress (803) Questions, 804, 1-7

A Valediction Forbidding Mourning (801)

6 (807) symbol, allegory The Road Not Taken (807); The Writer (822) Questions 1-4 (824)
7 (829) paradox, overstatement, verbal irony, sarcasm, satire, irony Incident (832); Ozymandias (838) My Last Duchess (849)
8 (852) allusion "Out, Out--" (853); Miniver Cheevy (858)  
9 (865) total meaning, prose meaning To the Mercy Killers (875)  
10 (880) tone   The Death of a Soldier (1096); Dulce et Decorum Est (722); The Man He Killed (739)
11 (899) alliteration, assonance, consonance, rime (different types), couplet We Real Cool (907); Parting, Woman Work (908); Nothing Gold Can Stay (913)  
12 (915) meter, rhythm, verse, prose, foot, stanza, scansion, free verse, blank verse, iambic meter, run-on line (enjambment) Constantly Risking Absurdity (935); The Fifteenth Summer (937).  
13 (941) onomatopoeia, euphony, cacophony A Fire Truck (958) 951-952
14 (961) structure, continuous form, stanzaic form, fixed form, sonnet, sestet On First Looking into Chapman's Homer (965); That Time of Year (966); Do Not Go Gentle (968)  
15 (983) sentimentality, didactic, theme, central purpose, paraphrase    

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