Subscribing to the AP_Lit_Talk listserv

A list serv is a discussion list. It works like this. A subscriber sends an email and the list server distributes that email to every subscriber. To respond to the email, you simply use the reply button in your email. Your reply also gets distributed to every subscriber. Our new list is hosted and managed by Eric Crump at THANK YOU, ERIC!! Read more about listservs.

We're going to try to use this forum for discussions during the year, but this summer, it will help us with Sophie's World.

For now, this listserv is open only to our class and other classes we've invited.

SF AP: I will take care of your subscription. You need to be sure you know how the list works.

Other classes: What to do if you'd like to join our listserv:

To Subscribe:

Go to the following site:

Fill in the form:

  1. check Subscribe
  2. check Regular
  3. fill in name
  4. fill in email address
  5. click the subscribe/unsubscribe button
  6. Eric will add you to the list.
  7. After that, start a discussion by sending an email to the address given in your welcome information.

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