Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder
Summer Reading for AP English Literature and Composition students
Due: Friday of 1st week of school/worth 150 points


10  Above Expectations—I’m in awe of you. You attended to every detail with precision.

9-8  Good, at expectations—some minor problems distract; your work is less precise than it could be.

7  Good attempt, not quite meeting expectations—several deviations exist. Attention to detail is limited.

6-5  Not really—you misunderstood the expectations, or too many mistakes or omissions exist.

0  You didn’t do this at all, or your attempt is so poor, so limited that no points are given.

Choose one philosophy you disagree with and explain your reasoning in no fewer than three paragraphs.






Choose one philosophy you agree with and explain your reasoning in no fewer than three paragraphs.






Of all the big questions philosophers attempt to answer, which are most controversial or difficult and why?  Be sure to fully explain why.






Give five general facts you learned by reading this book—facts, not theories or suppositions.  Did any surprise you?  Explain.






Connect the novel about Sophie to the study of philosophy in three ways: in other words, show how Gaarder illustrates his “lectures” on philosophy with the novel of Sophie and Alberto.






How many realities are present in this book?  Sophie and Alberto are fictional. So are Hilde and Albert Knag, even though they are made to seem real. Show the layers of reality in an illustration if it is easier and label who “lives” there. Otherwise, explain in writing, in a coherent way, the various levels of reality. Where are you in these realities? Where is Gaarder?







After Romantic Irony is defined (p. 354), examples of it arise in the novel several times.  Paraphrase the definition, then cite one example and discuss its effectiveness.






Write a 2-3 paragraph reaction to your experience with this book. What did you like, not like, feel frustrated with, in awe of, etc.? Be specific. Make references to specific sections of the book or specific passages. (Your score on this one is based on how well developed and reasoned your paragraphs are and not on your opinions).






Total: __________/80








Create a project* in which you show each major philosophic time period (ex. Enlightenment)

§          the representative philosophers

§          their classification (what philosophy they are identified by; ex: Empiricism)

§          its meaning (ex: what Empiricism means)

§          what each believed; what is each philosopher's project? (summarize the main beliefs of each individual philosopher)

Attach any disks, urls, etc. needed to grade your project. If a partner project, label clearly. Also, be prepared to present the project to the class (optional).







Total: __________/50






List Serv Participation
I was an active participator, posting questions or comments, responding to classmates questions or comments, following proper online etiquette and list serv behavior. My comments and questions were positive and constructive and helped the group toward understanding and clarity.          

Total: __________/20




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