Emerson & Thoreau


Key Terms:





Assignment: Read the Introduction to each writer and the following selections



p.191†† from Nature

p.194†† from Self Reliance

p.202†† Emersonís Aphorisms



Selections from Walden

p.208 from Economy

p.211 from Where I Lived and What I Lived For

p.217 from Conclusion


As you read, think of the ideas each man presents. These writers were expressing their transcendental philosophies. Choose five passages (aphorisms, quotations) that make sense to you or make you think. Record them in the table on the next page and next to each, record your response to the passage. Develop your own response fully and carefully.


Lastly, what principles of Transcendentalism are evident in the works of these two writers? Give three examples. Review your notes and the brief section in your book on page 183-84.


  1. †††


Responding to the Ideas of Two Transcendentalists

Passage Cited

My Response