Names _________________________________________________________________


Voices from The Civil War, 439

English 11


With your partner, choose and read four selections from this section in your book. For each of the four selections, fill out one of the log forms.


Then, choose your favorite selection and discuss why it is your favorite and prepare to present it to the class.


In presenting to the class you will


The four log forms and the presentation are worth 50 points. Turn this sheet in with your completed log forms BEFORE your presentation.




Pretty Good


Slacker effort

Did not do

Both partners present all information listed above equally, with credibility &







Log forms




































____ / 50







Log form for Voices from the Civil War.  (Printing from Web? You need four of these.)


Title & Author



What does this writer say that is important to think about? Explain why?















Context: Who, what, when, where, why, etc.













What is the dominant tone of this piece?









What did you think of this selection?




What genre is this?



Vocabulary words we needed defined were… and their definitions are….



What visual images were presented with this selection? In what way(s) did it/they enhance or change your view of the writing?