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Under the Lionís Paw

English 11



After reading the story,

answer the following questions.



1.      Find three words from the story that you need defined and define them.








2.      In the table below, give examples of descriptions of the natural world from the story. Note which senses the descriptive passages appeal to primarily.


Passage (page number)























3.      In the table below, give two examples of regional dialect. For each example, ďtranslateĒ into more conventional English. (Consider spelling, grammar, word choice, etc.).


Original passage (page number)




















4.      After Council and Haskins have concluded the bargain with Butler and after Council has told Haskins that he fully intends to help him and his family through the winter and get a good start on the farm (page 7), Haskinís says, ďSteve Council, youíll git yír pay fír this some day.Ē And Council says, ĎDonít want any pay. My religion ainít run on such business principles.Ē What does Council mean?










5.      What is Garlandís attitude toward/feeling about Haskinís oldest son, Tommy (page 8)?








6.      After Butler returns to negotiate future terms with Haskins, explain how Haskins is under the lionís paw.









7.      What keeps Haskinís from killing Butler?





8.      Butler has a legal right to do what he does? Haskins says Butlerís actions are immoral. Who is right? Explain.













9.      Predict the future. What will life be like for Haskinís oldest son, Tommy? What makes you think so?









10.  Did you like this story? Why or why not?