Seminar Friday

Each student is required to bring in a news article from a print, Web, podcast or video (not over 5 minutes) source on a current topic related to national or world issues: social, political, environmental, or cultural. The best articles are those that focus on what it means to be a global citizen, about human rights, about world changes that affect everyone. Each student will be presenting once per semester.

Procedure for presenter:

1. Read/show your article.
2. Give an brief overview of your thoughts and ideas.
3. Have at least three discussion questions to begin the seminar. You may or may not need all three.
4. Moderate the discussion on your topic.

Procedure for class (participants):

1. Listen to presenter and take notes (mental or on paper) about what you’re thinking.
2. Engage in discussion in the following ways:

3. Participants do not need to raise hands to talk, but should not interrupt or monopolize the discussion.

Ideas for questions (do not be limited by this list):

• Affects on population/people?
• Future of this issue? What if?
• Connections to other issues?
• Ethical implications?
• Technological implications?

How will we be graded?
Presenting and participating are both important. See the rubric for how you will be graded. Seminar is worth 100 points per semester.