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Essay Choices

A. Personal narrative

Use one of your quotation responses as the catalyst for a personal narrative essay. This essay may be written in first person. However, do not use phrases like "I think," "in my opinion," or others like them. This is your work. It is obvious that the ideas are your own.

Developing ideas & Constructing your response:

B. Persuasive Essay

Choose a topic from a Friday seminar to explore further, taking one side of the issue. Choose a specific audience and write to persuade that audience that your point of view is worth accepting. Use third person for this essay. If you use outside sources, cite them both in the body of the essay and in a separate works cited page.

For help:

C. Literary Analysis

The Big Red book has some helpful guidelines for this kind of essay also. Choose one aspect of the work to explore, such as setting, character, or theme. See page 1148 for ways to focus your essay. This essay should be written in third person.

Specific ideas from big red:

More advice from the Web

Peer Review

Peer review is strongly suggested.

Teacher Conference

Take advantage of the opportunity for a conference with me prior to handing in your essay. Come to the conference with a draft and specific questions. Do not simply say, "I'm stuck," or "I just don't get it." Try to determine what you don't get. Bring evidence that you have tried to find your own way first.

Schedule your conference during conference days or before or after school. Do make an appointment first.

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