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Ch. 1 Understanding News



1.                   Explain how interest and importance are not the same thing when it comes to news.

2.                   What is the difference between hard news and soft news?

3.                   Explain the following aspects of news:

a.       Accuracy

b.       Balance/completeness

c.       Objectivity

d.       Conciseness/clarity

e.       Currency

4.                   Explain what each news determinate means (we will use five; the book lists ten):

a.       Timeliness

b.       Proximity

c.       Consequence

d.       Prominence

e.       Human interest

                                                               i.      Oddity

                                                             ii.      Conflict

                                                            iii.      Emotion

5.                   Explain the problem that school newspaper staffs have with timeliness.

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