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Ch. 2 Gathering the News



1.       What is the difference between primary and secondary sources?





2.       What is a beat system and how can it best be used by a student news staff?






3.       Name three additional places to find ideas for potential news stories.



4.       What does “source” mean? How many sources does almost every story need?




5.       What are the characteristics of a formal interview?





6.       Secondary sources provide what kind of information for a story?



7.       For more in-depth stories, why is it important for a reporter to research basic, established facts? Give two reasons.




8.       Read the section on interviewing and give advice on the following aspects of the interviewing process. Pretend you are the experienced journalist trying to help a young intern at your paper.



a.       Preparing questions






b.       Asking questions/conducting the interview






c.       Taking notes






d.       Putting the source at ease






e.       Phone/email interviews







9.       Why is the Internet a good tool for student journalists? Which sites (by domain) are more likely to have accurate facts?







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