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Ch. 22 Ethics for Student Journalists



1.       Define personal ethics.





2.       What purpose do ethics serve for journalists?





3.       Name three ways journalism serves a democratic society.






4.       Name three ethical goals an individual journalist should adhere to.






5.       Why would a journalist remove him or herself from a story?






6.       What should a reporter consider if he or she wants to tape an interview?





7.       How should a reporter proceed in a story that has the potential to be harmful to an individual?






8.       What should a staff do if an error is found in the publication?







9.       Student journalists must be as mindful of ethics as professional journalists. Your book lists a model code of ethics that high school staffs could adopt. Read it and decide on six aspects of the code that you think are most important for staffs to be aware of. Explain why each one is important, in your view.






































10.   Choose one of the ethical situations from the exercises on pages 372-73 to answer. Base your answer on the model ethics code found on the preceding pages. Cite the specific aspects of the code that support your response.















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