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Ch. 4 Writing the News Story



1.       Fill in the following information about the inverted pyramid.


a.       The inverted pyramid presents facts in ____________________________ order from _____________________ important to ____________________________ important.


b.       Where are the most important facts given? __________________________________________



c.       How does the reporter decide which facts are the most important? (clue: news value) ____________________________________________________________________________



d.       Succeeding paragraphs expand the lead by

                                                               i.      ___________________________________________ ,

                                                             ii.      ___________________________________________ , or

                                                            iii.      ___________________________________________ .


2.       Historically, using the inverted pyramid allowed editors to cut the last paragraph of the story (to gain space) and since the information there was least important, the story would not suffer. However, now editors and reporters are putting more emphasis on the story ending in an attempt to _____________________________________________________________________________________


3.       Paragraphs in a news story are short. Typically, how many sentences are there per paragraph (not including the lead)? _____________________________________________


4.       What does it mean if paragraphs have “continuity” or “coherence”?





5.       What does it mean to attribute information to a source?




6.       Why is it important to tell the reader the source of the facts?




7.       Unattributed and attributed opinion in a news story is called __________________________.


8.       Explain how using an adjective can be editorializing.




9.       What are the two preferred verbs for attribution of direct and indirect quotations?


a.       _____________________

b.       _____________________



10.   What is the desired effect of the repeated use of “said”?



11.   Each paragraph should begin with a ________________________________________ or ________________________________________ fact.


12.   In the following chart, each example given is a poor example of news style. Give one of the following as the reason: (write out the reason; don’t use the letter, please).

a.       Significant fact  

b.       Familiar words

c.       Tight writing

d.       Exact verbs

e.       Active voice verbs



The golf course,The Bull, had its designer, Jack Nicklaus, put in an appearance to celebrate its grand opening.


An appearance was made by Jack Nicklaus, the designer of The Bull, to celebrate its grand opening.


There will be an appearance by Jack Nicklaus at the Bull to celebrate its grand opening.


To peruse his design, Jack Nicklaus will attend the grand opening of the Bull on Monday.


Jack Nicklaus ambled across The Bull Monday to celebrate the grand opening of the golf course he designed.





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