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Ch. 5 Writing Specialty Stories



1.       Why must health related issues be carefully communicated?






2.       What is science writing rule #1?





3.       What are three ways to understand a health topic?






4.       What is an echo interview?






5.       Name three kinds of stories a student news staff can choose from when covering the death of someone from the school.








6.       Name five facts that must be absolutely accurate in an obituary.








7.       What is an advance story?






8.       What is a follow-up story?

9.       What is the key in writing a lead for a follow-up story?






10.   A specialized nut graph called a tie-in is used for the second paragraph in a follow-up story. What is its purpose?






11.   When should a speech story be written in a school newspaper?





12.   List three responsibilities of the reporter assigned to write a speech story.






13.   Name two things follow-up questions should do (once the speech is over).






14.   What is the goal of public journalists who cover conflict issues?







15.   How many people should be polled to ensure accuracy, according to researchers?







16.   Why is a larger sample desirable?






17.   What is the best way to be sure questions are clear and understandable (on a survey)? Explain the process of making sure questions are clear and understandable.









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