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Ch. 7 Sportswriting



1.       What is the ultimate goal in sportswriting?






2.       Name two ways a sports reporter can develop a story to capture the real spirit of the game.






3.       Name three ways a good sports reporter can be a student of the game.







4.       What is wrong with using sports slang in a story?







5.       Name two important things to remember when using statistics in a sports story.








6.       What is the purpose of the advance sports story? How is this type of story told?








7.       What is a trend story? How important is the trend story to high school sports reporters?





8.       In what ways is a sports news story the same as a regular news story?








9.       When is a game story used in a high school publication?






10.   What is the purpose of the game story and how is it structured?








11.   Give two examples of the kind of information that would be included in a game story.






12.   The sports feature story goes behind or beyond the game and it is based primarily on what?





13.   When should a sports feature on the cross country coach’s involvement in Special Olympics be run (think timeliness)?





14.   What is packaged coverage? Pages 123-126 give examples of packaged coverage and tips for designing package sets. What should layout editors keep in mind when designing a package set?








15.   The name of The Franklin Times Sports Brief package is “The Ticker” (126). Name three features of their package. Which one do you think people would read most often and why?










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