PowerPoint Presentation on Life of Journalist

Grading Rubric


Name (s)  ____________________________________________________________________________


Journalist _________________________________________________




Outstanding effort; precise; well developed.


Good; less precise; well developed, but not as many details as 10.


Okay; details are limited; attention to detail is careless.


Poor; general or vague; fact errors exist; sloppy.


No credit; did not do or done so poorly that no credit can be given.

biography of his/her life; how he/she became a journalist






highlights of his/her career; what he/she is known for, remembered for






a photo or illustration of your reporter







views he/she held about journalism, politics, war, society, etc.






include any special pioneering aspects of his/her career






samples of his/her work (photos, article excerpts, etc.)






Report is well written, well organized, and easy to follow.






Presenter does not simply read the slide but speaks to the audience. If group presentation, all share equally in presentation.






Use color schemes that are easy on the eye. Make your presentation visually appealing.






Your works cited page cites two sources and is done according to MLA format. Is part of your slide show.







_____/ _____









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