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News Fridays




§         On selected Fridays, bring this completed assignment to class.

§         You will read your headline first, then your lede. Then tell what kind of lede it is, tell why you chose the story, and then summarize your response to the story. Also, be prepared to answer questions about your story if others in the class ask them.

§         Glue your news story on the back. You may not choose from “News in Brief” or similar abbreviated or summarized news stories; choose a full-sized news story. Also, do not choose features, editorials or sports. You may print news stories from the Internet or cut them from newspapers, of course.

§         Fill out this sheet completely. The assignment is both oral and to be turned in and is worth 25 points. If you do not have this assignment done on the day we talk about the news in class, you can not earn any points for it. If you are absent on a News Friday day, turn in this sheet as soon as you return.



1.      As a reader, which news determinant is most applicable to you? Explain your choice.





2.      Circle the lede in your story. What kind of lede is it?



3.      Does the lede attribute information to a source? If so, what is the source?



4.      Is your lead 30 words or less? If not, explain the reason it’s longer (in your opinion).



5.      Basically, what is this story about? Give the main facts:






6.      Respond to the story: how does it make you feel, what do you think about it, how does it affect you or someone you know etc. Your response should be about 50 words.



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