The Press & the World

Scoring Rubric


Name __________________________________
Country ________________________________


In all areas, your speaking skills, podium presence, organization and word choice influence the score.


Above expectations:  “wow.”


Meets expectations: not quite as precise or some deviations exist.

Average effort
: details are limited.  


Below expectations: details, reasons, examples are limited.


Did not do or so poorly done as to be unscorable


Column Totals

Greet the editorial board & state your purpose








Cite cases of censorship and oppression, human rights violations involving journalists. Give examples of restrictions, limitations or freedoms pertaining to press in this country.

(5 cases)

(3-4 cases)

(2 cases)

(1 case)








Give examples of how organizations to protect journalists have been involved with cases in this country.









How does this country “measure up” to the International Code of Practice for the Safe Conduct of Journalism?








Journalism heroes?
(cite specific cases for extra credit)

5 points

4 points






Do you want to accept this job? Why/why not? Give main reasons.








Thank us for listening








Final Score