Journalism Terms Scrapbook Items


Find examples of the following from a newspaper, cut out and label. Number each label, please, with the number of the term. Find as many as you can in groups (ex. Headline, byline, wire service, lede). Any sample taken out of context (that is with nothing surrounding it) earns no credit. So, for example, a subhead must come with its main headline. Each item on this list is worth one point.


  1. teaser
  2. flag
  3. headline
  4. subhead
  5. byline
  6. display head
  7. initial cap
  8. decked headline
  9. refer
  10. cut
  11. cutline
  12. photo credit
  13. index
  14. jump, jump line
  15. infographic
  16. folio
  17. liftout quote/pulled quote
  18. sig
  19. sidebar
  20. banner
  21. classified ad
  22. display ad
  23. wire service
  24. lede
  25. dateline
  26. edition
  27. obituary
  28. masthead
  29. editorial
  30. mug shot

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