Study Guide

Answer these questions if you need help understanding the novel.

Chapters III & IV

  1. Why did Boxer want to get up a half hour early?
  2. What does Snowball use the green tablecloth for?
  3. Snowball reduced the Seven Commandments to a single maxim. What is it?
  4. Which animal can only learn four letters of the alphabet?
  5. What is the battle of Cowshed?
  6. Boxer is quite upset because he thinks he has done something he would never do. What is it?

Chapters V-VIII

  1. List at least four important changes that take place at Animal Farm after Snowball leaves. Even though some animals protest, why are they unable to stop these changes?
  2. In chapters 6 & 7 several commandments are broken. What reason do the pigs give for breaking each one?
  3. Identify some of the outright lies and distortions of the truth that Squealer uses to prove that Snowball was a traitor from the very beginning.
  4. Name at least four ways in which the pigs' lives are different from those of the other animals on the farm. In what ways has the pigs' behavior come to resemble human behavior?
  5. What are Boxer's two maxims?
  6. Napoleon thinks Animal Farm could not survive without his leadership. Who is the true indispensable one? Why?

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