Terms for the Novel
The terms on this page are general, specific, and literary for this novel.

General Vocabulary

  1. ensconced: established
  2. falter: hesitate
  3. dissentients: those who rebel (dissent) or oppose
  4. enmity: hatred
  5. preeminent: worthy of respect
  6. vivacious: full of life
  7. apathy: attitude of disinterest; "I don't care."
  8. gamboled: skipped, hopped, leaped about
  9. spinney: a thicket, thorny bush
  10. acute: sharp senses, highly aware
  11. parasitical: dependent upon others
  12. shirked: avoided work
  13. obstinate: stubborn
  14. cryptic: difficult to understand
  15. indefatigable: untiring
  16. maxim: a saying, a proverb
  17. ignominious: shameful
  18. posthumously: after death
  19. factions: a party that breaks off from the main group
  20. dynamo: a hard-working machine, or a machine-like person who never stops

Specific Vocabulary

  1. proletariat: the working class
  2. propaganda: language meant to persuade or subvert , especially politically
  3. Karl Marx
  4. Joseph Stalin
  5. Russian Revolution

Literary Terms

  1. beast fable
  2. allegory
  3. symbolism
  4. satire
  5. dramatic irony
  6. situational irony

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