End of year web page requirements:
(get a copy of this page from me and hand it in when you have completed the checklist)

Description by you by me
Index page
has link to your webfolio    
has link to your cyber journal    
has link to students' pages page    
has link to CyberEnglish9 index page    
has E mail link (address hidden); verify that your email address is correct: your 06 login followed by @ followed by sheboyganfalls.k12.wi.us     
has your first name only in your title (ex: Mary's Web Page)    
Webfolio page is set up as directed and has these headings and  links:
hypertext essay, poetry essay
To Kill A Mockingbird, Poetry Journal,  Multigenre Web Project, Romeo & Juliet Web Quest, Independent Novel Project including your Favorite Books List
Options: Links to assignments for science and social studies    
A link back to your index page    
Cyber Journal has
one entry per month from November  to May (7 months)    
End of year reflection at the end of the journal    
Clean out your folders:
delete any unused pages    
delete any unused images    
move any images you are still using that are not in the images folder to the images folder    
Check all your links:
View your entire site in the Web browser and make sure all your hyperlinks work.    
Make sure all your fonts are web safe fonts.    
Check for appropriate content:    
Use the guide to restricted content.    


  10 each
Hand in this checklist  
All items checked as you verified your web page content  
Items check out okay with teacher  
Total of 30