Midquarter Report Assignment

Follow these instructions to receive full credit, 25 points, for your midquarter reports:

At midquarter, students will e-mail their parents and send a copy to their teacher describing their progress to that point. Follow format for friendly letter. The e-mail will include the following:

  1. A salutation: Dear Mom (and/or Dad):
  2. The body of the message: see steps 4-6.
  3. A closing: sign your name with Love, Your son/daughter, etc.
  4. A complete description of what you have learned so far and the tasks you have accomplished to date.
  5. A report of your current letter grade and your percentage grade and the reasons for that grade.
  6. A statement about how you feel your progress has been: excellent, satisfactory, problematic, etc. and the reasons you feel this to be the case. The reasons need to be specific: "I handed in all my work on time and did my best," or "I don't usually do my homework and I often don't hand in my work."
  7. Please look at the two samples, so that you have an idea of what you're aiming for. To get full credit for this assignment, you have to follow all directions carefully and write a complete report.

The report will be sent to parents email (if parents live separately and each has email, then send to both). A copy of this email should be sent to the teacher (cc:).

The subject line for this email is midquarter 1, 2, 3 or 4, whichever is relevant. So midquarter 1 is an example.

If your parent has no email address, the assignment should be typed in Word and printed so it can be mailed. The letter must follow the same requirements as for an email. You will be addressing an envelope so the report can be sent.

This assignment is due on the day assigned in class. Students who are absent must make up the assignment when they return.


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