Sample Midquarter Reports

Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you? Right now I'm in Cyber English 9 and we just received our grades. I'm learning a lot in this class and I am having a lot of fun. So far we have learned a lot about literacy terms and have been reading stories. One of the stories we read was Speak. This book was very good and it showed how one girl handled a big problem. We had to write reports and things on it and was defiantly a fun unit.

We also read a shot story called "Scarlet Ibis". This was about a boy who had a brother with a weak heart. It was really interesting how the one brother acted to the other. You know how you sometimes think I'm mean to Kyle? Well, you should see what this brother did to his brother with a weak heart. He was really mean at times. However, I really enjoyed this story. Now, we are reading To Kill a Mocking Bird  and even though I have already read it, I still find it interesting. I can find things I didn't notice before.

Anyway, like I said we received our grades and I am happy to say that I am getting a ____. I'm getting this grade  because I have handed in all of my homework on time and have studied hard for the quizzes. All of the assignments and quizzes have had, I have gotten full credit on. Right now I think my progress is excellent. I have done all of my work, prepared for quizzes and have gotten one of the highest grades you can get. I am very happy with my grade and I hope you are to.

Well I have to go. I have to finish another part of an assignment. I'll talk to you at home.
Dear Mom and Dad,

Once again I am getting _______ in Cyber English 9.  My favorite thing that we did in Cyber English during the first half of the second quarter was probably reading Speak. I really enjoyed that book, like most others.  Reading Speak made me realize how some authors write; always making some subject show up over and over and over. For instance, in Speak it was mirrors and mouths. My second favorite thing that we did in Cyber English was reading Scarlet Ibis. Once again, I saw that writers make one subject flow throughout the whole story. This time however it was red things.

Right now we are reading To Kill A Mockingbird. I enjoy reading this book too. My class missed the first quiz because Ms. Hogue was not here but on the second little quiz I received a 100%.

However, there is a down fall to reading so many books in Cyber English. There is always a packet full of questions to fill out. Even though the packets are not real hard, they just get in the way and I would much rather just read the book without having to do the packet.

The reason I am getting ______ in Cyber English is because I am doing all my work and handing it in on time. I have no problem with the grade I am receiving.