Cyber English 9 (English 9)

One Year, 1 Credit (.5 per semester)
Prerequisites: None

Course Description: 
CyberEnglish9 is a web based approach to the study of language arts in which students will read and study novels, poetry and drama and the elements of literature such as plot, setting, character and theme.  Students will use the six traits of writing to assess their progress as writers and to help them eliminate weaknesses and improve strengths. In addition, students will work to improve their interpersonal communication skills through online discussions and face to face encounters with students, parents, and teachers.  

Course Outcomes:

  • students will engage in various activities designed to deepen their writing experience. Specifically, students will write in a variety of genres, will keep a cyber journal, will compare and contrast, and more. A multigenre  research project is the end of the year project, integrating writing, web, and research skills.
  • students will engage in peer review to develop competence in the revision process
  • students will acquire technology skills, specifically web page design and publishing but also how to search for information on the Internet and how to evaluate web sites.
  • students will gain understanding of the general scope of literary genre and the elements of literature and be able to apply this understanding to the study of literature
  • students will continue to grow as readers, seeing connections between what they read and what they study in other courses as well as what happens in their own experiences
  • students will continue to grow as speakers, gaining skills and confidence in presenting their ideas to various audiences through various means

Methods of Instruction: 
A constructivist philosophy underlies the instructional methods of this class. The teacher is primarily a facilitator, helping students achieve their goals. Students choose (with a few exceptions) the literature they read and the projects they work on. Learning comes through personal inquiry and research as well as through ongoing discussions with the teacher, with other students (both from the class and from other schools), and possibly with a telementor (teacher or other adult). Some direct instruction will be necessary, but students will learn to rely on sources other than the teacher for their information. Many resources will be found on the world wide web, but students should also make use of traditional sources including experts in a field of study. In general, students will find various ways to learn what they need to  know to make meaning in the many contexts of study they will encounter.

Required literature (complete list of required and optional literature)
    To Kill a Mockingbird
    Romeo & Juliet

Computer & the Internet
Enrichment options

Unit Descriptions

Unit Duration Assessment Skills/Projects
Web Design & Internet 4 weeks web site web site evaluation
web page design
Hypertext 2 weeks essay peer review
using email
Speak 6 weeks quizzes
paragraph on web site
expository paragraph
literary analysis
peer review
online discussion
Short story: Scarlet Ibis 2 weeks lit terms test unit packet (applying literary elements)
To Kill a Mockingbird 7 weeks web project multigenre
citing sources
annotated list of sites
web evaluation & peer review
Poetry 5 weeks test and web project poetry journal
poetry essay (compare/contrast)
Multigenre research project 6 weeks web site
self assessment
citing sources
primary source acquisition
Romeo & Juliet 3 weeks web quest Internet search
language & culture
Independent novel one per quarter 1, 2, 3 novel booklet multigenre
reader response
time management

Ongoing activities:

  • peer review of writing and web design
  • ThinkBook: multigenre writing activities
  • parent communication: midquarter reports
  • Cyberjournal (thinking about learning)


Webfolio includes the following:

  • Various essays
  • all projects done for the class
  • multigenre web project
  • a science and a social studies sample

Tests & Quizzes

6 Trait rubrics are used for writing assessment.
Various benchmarks and activities are used to determine grades.



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