Intro to the Internet

Objectives for this assignment:
Students will be able to

  • Create a folder for storing English assignments in H drive.
  • Open a Word document and save it to H drive
  • Create a data table in Word
  • Use a Browser to search the Internet
  • Use reading strategies:
    • skimming
    • using headings and bolded words as clues to main ideas
    • isolate main ideas
  • Use key commands for copy and paste
  • Write summaries
  • Proofread
  • Send document as an attachment in email
  • Designate a particular subject line in email
Directions: (read and follow directions carefully)
  1. Create a folder for CyberEnglish9. Name it CE9. Save all your English documents for 9th grade in this folder. If you have time, create folders for your other 9th grade classes.
  2. Open a Word doc. and save it as Intro_Internet. Change the document set up to landscape. Create a three column, four row table. Head the columns as shown below. Save the file and minimize (don't close) the window. Then come back to this window to continue.
  3. When you click on the link below, you will find a page full of links to interesting articles and related sites regarding the Internet. Quickly search through some of these to find three that are of interest to you. Choose from the numbered sites (1-25) and not from the list of search engines. If the link is broken, you will need to choose a different one.
  4. Choose three sites to read more carefully. Maybe all of them will be on a common topic or theme. For each site you visit, record the date of your visit. Also, record the url. Copy (control + C) the url from the address bar and paste it (control + V) into your table.  Then, write a summary of what you learned from the  site. Do this for each web site you visit. Save your Word doc. often. You do not have to read the entire site, but skim to find interesting information. Do Not copy and paste text from the site. Write your summaries in your own words.
  5. When you are finished, send your Word document to your teacher as an email attachment (we will go over this in class before you get started on this assignment). The subject line of your email should be this: internet. Make sure it is exact or you won't get credit for that.
  6. You have today and tomorrow to finish this assignment.


Name of Site URL Notes: What I learned there


Click on the link below to find resources for this project.
You may also use other credible resources that you find on your own.

What is the Internet?

Be sure to follow the directions above and not those given on Mr. Nellen's page.  : )



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