Short Story Unit Plans










The Most Dangerous Game

Worksheet Packet




Character & Point of View

Barba Nikos & Thank You Ma’am

Worksheet Packet

Clash of Generations
Perspective Taking

Power of Love


Setting, Atmosphere, Tone

Train Time &


Worksheet Packet


Decision Making &

Goal Setting


Irony, Symbol, Theme

The Red Dress & The Scarlet Ibis


Choose one story and complete a short story guide (get handout). 


Also, participate in a  CyberDiscussion on your story.

Choices & Decisions


Coming of Age


Test Choose Unit Test A or B; see description below.

Evaluation rubric for this essay


Other Assignments:

  1. Lit terms: you are responsible for knowing all of them by end of year.
  2. Unit Test A: Read the short story, The Sniper, and complete the test that goes with it.
  3. Unit Test B: Reflect on the stories we’ve read. Then, write and publish (in webfolio) an essay that meets the requirements for one of the prompts below:
    1. Choose a main character that you believe is a dynamic character. First, identify what it is he/she learns. Next, show how he/she comes to learn it. Conclude by making some statement about the value of what he/she learns. In other words, is what the character learns and important thing for all people to learn and if so, how and why. Give examples to support this conclusion.
    2. Choose one character you’ve read about that you identify with (you know how he or she feels, you understand why he or she behaved in a certain way or made choices he or she made). Show how you are both like and unlike this character. Make references to events in the story and in your own life.



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