Publishing work from your ThinkBook

By the end of the year (dates will be specified), publish your two best pieces of writing generated from your ThinkBook activities. Do not choose something primarily graphic that must be scanned.

  1. Create a new page called tb1.htm (or tb2.htm).
  2. Put a link to that page on your webfolio. Call it something descriptive, like "monologue" or "poem for two voices."
  3. Put a link back to the webfolio on the new page.
  4. Title the new page to reflect the piece of writing. So, instead of calling it "poem for two voices," you might have the title "Brothers," or whatever you decide is fitting for your work. Remember, even though the titles given here as examples are in quotation marks, your own titles and headings are never put in quotation marks.
  5. Write an introductory paragraph that tells your reader about how you wrote it and why you chose to publish this particular piece of writing. You can say something about what it means to you and why or why you think it is some of your best work and why. Be sure to give concrete reasons and show it with examples.
  6. Proofread the piece carefully. In deciding how to place the writing on the page, make sure you are presenting it carefully so that readers will find it easy to read and understand and pleasant to look at and reflect on.

Rubric for publishing ThinkBook


Excellent; attention to detail is superior.


Good; few errors, distractions, or omissions exist.


Okay; several errors, distractions, or omissions exist.


Not your best work; many errors, distractions, or omissions exist.


You either did not do this at all or it is done so poorly that no credit can be given.

There is a link to the TB page on your webfolio and it is descriptively titled. There is a link back to your webfolio on the TB page.          
Your introductory paragraph tells your reader when you wrote this piece and why you chose it. See step five of the directions for full details.          
The page is attractive, easy to read, and your writing is well presented. The page is titled as directed.          
You have proofread carefully and there are no conventions errors.          
Totals: _______ / 40          


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