Titles in Blue are required reading.
Find more titles to choose from with these recommended lists. Here's another list.

CyberEnglish9 students will read a variety of literature throughout the year.

In addition to fiction, poetry and drama, students are encouraged to read from newspapers often.

General Themes
Coming of Age The Power of Love
The Hero's Journey Clash of Generations
The Individual and Society Power
Choices & Decisions Change
Clash of Culture Identity
To Kill A Mockingbird, Lee Speak, Anderson
Need a book to read? Ask me to lend you one of these:  
Great Expectations, Dickens Pigs in Heaven, Kingsolver
The Hobbit, Tolkien Waiting for the Rain,
A Member of the Wedding, McCullers Lizard,
Cold Sassy Tree, Burns The Chosen, Potok
Animal Farm, Orwell The House on Mango Street, Cisneros
Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare  
Short Stories
The Scarlet Ibis, Hurst Chrysanthemums, Steinbeck
Barba Nikos, Petrakis The Sniper, O'Flaherty
Thank You Ma'am, Hughes The Red Dress, Munro
Train Time, McNickel The Most Dangerous Game, Connell

Short Stories Online:

Twenty Great American Short Stories Mr. Nellen's List
The Bat, Roethke Making a Fist, Nye
Harlem, Hughes The Legend of Paper Plates, Haines
Woman Work, Angelou Out, Out, Frost
Dear Mrs. McKinney of the Sixth Grade, Kherdian  
Choose 15 poems for your poetry journal  
Poetry main page Poetry Links

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