6 + 1 Traits

The six +1 Traits of writing are

Elements of Conventions:

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Use these prompts to help you talk about writing.

(Give examples from the paper).

  • I see you like X.
  • I noticed you did/do X.
  • So you think X is hard to understand?
  • You seem to be carefully avoiding X.
Identifying with, comparing/contrasting:
  • I have a problem with X myself.
  • I really like your idea here; I think I'll try it.
  • Remind me to tell you of my experience with X.
  • I have never really liked X.
  • I would have said/thought X. . .
  • I used to think X, but then. . .
  • Do you mean X?
  • Have you thought about/noticed/read X?
  • I don't get your meaning here.
  • Did X surprise/interest/challenge you?
  • What would someone of your parent's generation think about X?
Comparing/Contrasting with other people and texts:
  • As Mary said in class. . . .
  • Remember that we learned about this in . . . and . . . .
  • I read about this in. . . .
  • I heard about this on. . . .
  • You chose a difficult idea, but you've addressed it well.
  • I like this sentence; it really. . . .
  • Your description here really. . . .
  • I'm thinking that if you used "this word" here instead, it might. . . .
  • What if you moved this sentence/paragraph to . . .? It might. . . .
Ideas & Content:
  • Your essay makes sense.
  • You know your topic well.
  • You have included the most interesting details.
  • Your paper has a clear purpose (name it).
  • Once I started reading, I did not want to stop.
  • Your beginning interested me.
  • Everything ties together.
  • It builds to the good parts.
  • It was easy to follow.
  • And the end, it feels finished and makes me think.
  • This really sounds like you.
  • You've been honest and have written what you think and feel.
  • I can feel your commitment to this topic.
  • I have experienced your writing with you.
  • You know why you're writing and who your audience is.
  • I think I'd like to read this to someone else I know.
Word choice / Powerful words:
  • You've chosen the best way to say this.
  • Your words create mind pictures.
  • You've tried new ways to say everyday things.
  • Your verbs are powerful.
  • Some of your words and phrases linger in my mind.
Sentence Fluency:
  • Your sentences begin in different ways.
  • Some sentences are short and some are long.
  • It just sounds good as I read it aloud--it flows.
  • Your sentences have power and punch.
  • You have "sentence sense."
  • You don't have many mistakes in your paper.
  • You have used capitals correctly.
  • Periods, commas, semi colons, quotation marks are used correctly.
  • Almost every word is spelled correctly.
  • You remembered to indent each paragraph (or follow other style).
  • It would not take long to get this ready to publish.
  • The format follows the guidelines.
  • The format enhances readability.
  • The cover is inviting and makes me want to read more.

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