3rd & 4th Quarter Independent Reading

Option 1: Web Project
Option 2: Blog; not available as of 2007

For 3rd and 4th quarter, you may read non-fiction or fiction, whichever you prefer. The options for your project follow. You may do the standard log booklet if you choose. Check your teacher's calendar for the due date.

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Option 1: Web project
Important Note:

You may have to write most of this project at home and either email it to yourself at school or save it on a disk (Microsoft Word files only). There will not generally be any work time in class for this project.

Choose any book that meets the following requirements:

  • your parents approve it
  • fiction (a novel) or nonfiction (biography, autobiography, memoir, or history)
  • not a children's book (reading level below high school)
  • over 150 pages
  • you have not read it before

Create a web project that fulfills these requirements:

  1. Make a new folder in your web site and create the pages for this project. Remember all file names are in lower case letters and are short. There should be no spaces between words. Folder names do not have .htm extension. Page files do have .htm extension. You need five pages in all: one for the title page, three for the regular log assignments, and one for the closing log.
  2. Make a link to the title page on your webfolio page; the link should be something like this: 3rd (or 4th) quarter independent reading project: Book Title."
  3. Your title page should look like the example below. You may add a graphic or color background as long as you can still read it easily. You need a link back to your webfolio on your title page.
  4. Create links on the title page to to each log page (five in all); links to log pages should reflect the kind of log (for example, link to a new vocabulary page and not to log #1). Of course on each of those pages, make a link back to your title page.
  5. For your three log pages,  choose only from those given in table below. Be sure to read and follow directions carefully.
  6. Your one closing log is to be a letter to the author only. Follow business letter format. Be sure to follow specific directions for this log.
  7. Format each page so it's readable; no black or very dark backgrounds; graphic background allowed only on title page; no graphic backgrounds on log pages.


Log choices to choose from for 4th quarter web project; only these will be accepted.
Fiction Non-fiction
summary Advice Column

meaningful quotations

Character Reaction
gift giving Fortune Cookies
advice column Gift Giving
transporting a character In a Character’s Shoes
if walls could talk Meaningful Quotations
character comparison New Vocabulary
character reaction Summary
new vocabulary Time Line
traveling in a novel  
poetry time  
time capsule  

Closing Log: letter to author (only)
Use business letter format. See Writer's Inc. or an online source, or use a Word template.

Title Page Example:

Title of Book
Author's name


Your name (first only)
Third/Fourth Quarter Independent Reading
CyberEnglish9/Ms. Hogue
Due Date


Projects Links:
New Vocabulary
Traveling in a Novel
Coming to Dinner

Letter to Author


Back to Webfolio


Use graphics appropriately


Option 2: Blog

Create and maintain a reading journal using a Blog.

You must use a safe Blog site. Learner Blogs is safe, easy to use, and free.

Choose any book that meets the following requirements:

  • your parents approve it
  • fiction (a novel) or nonfiction (biography, autobiography, memoir, or history)
  • not a children's book (reading level below high school)
  • over 150 pages
  • you have not read it before

Directions for starting your blog:

  1. Go to http://learnerblogs.org/ .

  2. Choose a user name. A good choice is your first initial and your last name (ex: msmith).

  3. Choose a name for your Blog. Since this is a reading journal, it should be something that fits the purpose.

  4. Put in your email address. Don't make any mistakes in entering your address. By email, your password will be sent and then you can open your Blog, choose a template and start Blogging.

  5. Write your password in a safe place.

  6. You will be able to edit your Blog from home if you have the Internet.

  7. You need to make a link to your Blog on your index page on your web site.

  8. Lastly, tell your teacher that you've started this option.


Lit circle option:

  1. You and two friends choose to read the same book.

  2. Each of you begins a Blog. Follow the directions given above.

  3. Put a link to your Blog on your index page.

  4. Inform your teacher that your group is reading the book and that you've chosen the lit circle Blog option.

  5. Each of you makes links to your lit circle partners' Blogs in your Blog.

  6. Follow the directions for the reading journal above, except that instead of five entries, you need to make a minimum of three. Use the ideas given above for what to write about.

  7. Then, you need to comment at least once on each of your partner's Blogs.

  8. It would be far more fun to go beyond the minimum and have real conversations on your Blogs.

Just for Fun

Create a favorite books list. The list should be on a separate page in your web site. Create a link to it on your webfolio page under assignments/projects. Call the link "my favorite books."

  • List your favorite books. Give the title and the author.
  • Write a short explanation about why each book made your favorite's list. This explanation should be 40-50 words, minimum. Be specific.
  • Make a link on your webfolio and back to your webfolio.
  • See this example.
  • There is no extra credit for this activity.