Lit Circles & Project Options



What is a lit circle?
Like a small book club, you and two to three others (no more) read the same book. You would meet several times to discuss the book, having each person take a turn record the content of your discussion. You could keep a meeting log. This log is not required, but it may help you with your project. It could be difficult to remember everything you talked about without some record. You should meet about four times, somewhere you can talk freely.

You will still meet the same deadline for a novel project, but you have more options to choose from for your project:

Recommended books:

For 3rd quarter, choose a novel. For 4th, you may choose nonfiction, but project choices will vary.

Going into Accelerated English or AP English? Challenge yourselves
and try one of these books.

Finding a book

Find your own, but each person needs a copy of the book and each person must agree on the choice.