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Before you choose your genres, first know what you want to say. Think of an idea that is not expressed fully in your overview or transcript. Ask yourselves, "whose voice needs to be heard?" Maybe you will create a fictional character to help you say what you need to say. ALWAYS read the directions for the genres you pick. Don't just assume you know what you're doing. Some of the genres have restrictions.

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This list was originally compiled by Dawn Hogue and Ruth Wollersheim

advice column dialogue illustration obituary storyboard
autobiography diary interview one act play song/ballad
advertisement encyclopedia entry

job application

Use the one provided as a sample. Create your own application to fit your purpose.

personal commentary travel poster
announcement eulogy


Do not write a thank you note to your interviewee. Instead, use a letter to give your readers more information about your topic.

photo w/description

New in 2009

Photo story

Use Photo Story 3 software to create a audio/visual "video." You must narrate the story the pictures tell.

book jacket informative essay mandala photo gallery/album  
campaign speech narrative essay

map w/ legend

You need to create your own map.

cartoon or comic strip
Template to print
persuasive essay memory


Test your readers on facts from your historical overview.

CD cover eyewitness account menu radio broadcast  
character sketch graph/chart monologue recipe  
collage greeting card movie review resume  

descriptive paragraph

grocery list

newspaper article

Be sure to understand how to write a news article. You have to follow news style.

stream of consciousness

Create a character through whose voice this genre is "heard"


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Choose any type of poem for your project. Here is a list of suggestions: