Request for Information



Students in my ____________________class are engaged in an oral history project covering the _______________________________.  They will be doing library and online research of this time period/event. After research and interviews, students will write up the results of their research in many different genres and publish their research on the World Wide Web. They are looking for senior citizens who lived through this time period and who would be willing to share their memories and experiences with a pair of students in the class. 


Would you be willing to share the names of some of your residents/members who would be interested in this project?  The students will then contact the persons individually and set up times and places for interviews, and provide them with some preliminary questions to give the interviewees of the scope of their questions. Please call me at _______________ or email me at ______________________________. I have also attached a form that you could fill out and return to me if it is applicable to your situation.


Thank you so much.




English Teacher