This is the letter you need to copy and paste into Word. Replace the blanks with the proper information. You must send/deliver this letter even if your interview subject is related to you. This letter must be approved by your teacher before you send it out.

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Request for Interview



We are students in __________________________(teacherís name) Cyber English class and are engaged in a research project on the_______________________.We have conducted library and Internet research on this time period, but need the personal touch which only an interview with a person who has lived through this period could provide.


Your name was given to us by __________________________ as a person who might be willing to share your memories and experiences with us.Our final product will be a completed research/oral history project that we will publish on the World Wide Web. We will also provide you with the address of the website on which your interview will be located.

If you would be willing to help us with this project, we would like to arrange a date convenient for you.Could you return the enclosed Interview Release Form with dates and times that would be best for you in the enclosed envelope, which is addressed to our teacher.


We sincerely hope that you will want to take part in this project. We believe the history of this time period in our community is important to preserve.


Sincerely yours,






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