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Self Assessment Worksheet

Please answer the following questions in order to help me better understand the experience you had as a multigenre writer.

1. What surprised you? (about this project) You should write about your topic, the process of researching, or the process of creating the genre pieces. In other words, what happened that you didn't expect to happen?





2. What did you learn about collaboration? What were the advantages and disadvantages of working with partner(s)? If you were to collaborate in the future, what would you do to make that experience as successful as it could be?






3. Tell me about the best piece of writing in your project and describe why it is best.







4. Tell me about the weakest piece of writing in your project and describe why it is weakest.







5. What did the multigenre format enable you to do with your topic?






6. What was hard about researching and writing your multigenre project?





7. What could have made creating this project easier?





8. What was the main thing you were trying to convey about your topic to your reader? Do you think you succeeded? Explain how.