Voice: conveying a point of view


Voice is the writer coming through the words, the sense that a real person is speaking to us and cares about the message. In this assignment, you will be writing from the point of view of one of the characters in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. You are writing from his or her point of view as if he or she is the one “speaking.”


Select one of the main themes of the play and use it as the topic of a letter you write to a friend who lives in another town (make this person up). In this letter, you are conveying your thoughts and emotions about this theme. Of course, you will be making reference to specific aspects of the play (plot, character, etc.).


As you write, be sure to consider how this character, from whose perspective you write, really feels, and convey this emotion in your letter. Set your letter up as you would a friendly letter. You need a date, a greeting, the body of the letter (in paragraphs), and a closing.


Use also, as is appropriate, some of the words of the time to make your letter appear authentic. Refer to page 601 in your book for a brief word list or to the list on this web site. The Elizabethan Compendium is also a good resource for language. Don't forget to check the additional links at the bottom of the page.


Letters should be no shorter than 300 words.




Characters you can choose

Tragedy can be caused when old people’s rage is carried over to a younger generation.



The Nurse

Lady Capulet



Friar Laurence

Lord Capulet


Humans can often be powerless to bring into being the kind of world we’d like to live in.

Innocence, virtue, and beauty can be destroyed

A disordered and chaotic world can bring disaster down on the humans who live in it.

Rash decisions, careless actions, or hot-tempered behavior can destroy relationships and even lives.

Write as if you are the character you choose. Use first person point of view. Include Shakespearean language. As far as what to write in your letter, think of which events from the play most clearly demonstrate how you feel about the theme you have chosen. Keep your purpose in mind; make careful word choices.