Preparing for your future

Wow. Making the transition to high school was tough enough, wasn't it? Now you want me to think about my future?

Thinking about your future is probably something you already do all the time. But it seems like when we "have to" do it for school, it becomes somehow permanent, as if decisions we make stick. That's not really true at all. But it is also true that it is not wise to simply float for four years in the high school ocean. You will never get anywhere doing that. You must swim, which means, you must make choices. And even unconscious choices affect you, so try to be aware of what you do now that will help or hinder you in your process to reach the shore. Make wise decisions.

Your assignment this year is to create two documents:

  1. A resume (template) with some basic information; you are learning the basic method of creating a resume and beginning a template for you to continue to add to over the next four years.
  2. A personal statement; this statement is also a beginning document that you will revise and refine over the next four years.

In addition, there are resources and people available to you that will help you plan not only the next four years, but also where you want to go after you graduate:

Decisions to make (some of these you make this year, some not until later):

  • what classes to take
  • what activities to become involved in
  • what jobs are most beneficial (money isn't the only thing--think about gaining skills)
  • what options will benefit you most (see your guidance counselor):
    • youth apprenticeships
    • youth options
    • other school-to-work programs
  • your academic success? what kind of student will you be?
  • scholarships to apply for

The typical shores to swim towards are college, four year or technical, the military and eventually college, or the work force. Be sure you know what you need to get to the shore that suits you best.


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