Writing to . . .

Writers write.
They do not wait to have a reason to write.
For them, writing is as necessary to life as breathing.
Writers also read, and they read voraciously.
If this sounds like you, you're on the right page.

By reading, writers learn about the style and sound of language.
There is no short cut to improving the craft of writing.
You simply have to write, write, write, and keep on writing.
Then, think about publishing!

Writing to learn, explore, create, express . . .

  • Lessons Learned (Study Guides & Strategies) This page gives you some wisdom regarding the value of writing and the keys to writing well.

Writing to publish

  • Menagerie, the EWC all conference writers publication. See Ms. Hogue for details. Submissions are accepted January-February each year. Please read prior publications before submitting your poetry or short prose. Artists can also design covers for consideration.

  • New Moon (for girls)

  • Teen Ink

  • The National Andrean, a high quality literary journal from St. Andrews School, Delaware (see Ms. Hogue for submission guidelines)



Techniques, etc.


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