Hypertext Assignment & Paragraph






Beyond expectations; precise attention to detail shows pride and care.


Good; lacks the precision of a ten; some errors or lack of detail exist.


Several errors keep this from being your best work; details are limited.


You misunderstood expectations; significant lack of detail; imprecise; too many errors


You did not do this part or it is so poor an effort that no credit can be given.

Questions 1-6 (x3)

Fully developed answers, complete sentences.






Question 7 (x2)
One to two paragraphs citing several similarities/differences. These well developed paragraphs make use of compare/contrast transitions to link ideas.






Hypertext paragraph is well developed and is free of convention errors. (x3)






Hyperlinks in the paragraph add to readers understanding. Hyperlinks work. (x2)








Sub total: _______ - _______ /2 =_______


____________ / 50 points








Subject line error: -3 points

Did not email cyber partner: -10 points

Web formatting error: -5 points
No link to paragraph in webfolio: -5 points