1. Create a page in your website called media.htm
  2. Make a link to this page on your webfolio page called My Media Journal
  3. Include the following on this page:
    1. Heading: My Media Journal
    2. by Your Name (or just put, for ex., Sarah's Media Journal)
    3. An introduction that says what your goal is for this journal; a good goal would be to study media to learn more about it and to become more media literate.
    4. A table that has cells for four journal entries
  4. Format for each of your entries
    1. Date each entry
    2. Begin by naming the lesson/activity you are reflecting on. Be specific and hyperlink to a site whenever possible. Then write a brief summary of the article or activity, just to let your reader know, in general, what it was about. This would only be about 25-30 words.
    3. The rest of the journal entry is your reflection. Be specific in your reflection and refer to aspects of the activity or parts of the article. You could touch on some of the following points:
      1. What you learned.
      2. What was important and why.
      3. Who else should know what you learned and why.
      4. Why it matters.
      5. What it makes you think of, something similar and how.
    4. Journal entries should be about 250-300 words each, including your summary.
    5. Proofread and edit for fluency.




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