In this activity, you'll visit several websites designed to make you more aware of how media literate you are, of media tricks, of advertising techniques, and of consumer habits, among other things. You'll be answering some questions as you look at each site. Your answers to these questions will help you in your discussion in the Moodle. You will also hand in your questions as an email attachment.

This is a good activity to use for your media journal. Choose any aspect from this activity. Don't try to write about all of it.


Day one: Webquest

  1. Download the questions for this activity to use as a guide. Choose open and then save the file in your h:/ drive. You'll hand this is by email; send it as an attachment. Some of these questions come from the PBS teachers' guide.
  2. Site #1: Take the web quiz on media consumption. There are 15 questions for finding out how much you know.
  3. Site #2: PBS has created an interactive guide to teach you about media. Explore freely, but also answer the questions on your webquest guide.
  4. Site #3: Girl Power: is that magazine cover for real?
  5. Site #4: WWF and the New American Dream.
  6. Subject line for emailing activity guide: webquest

Day two: Moodle discussion

  1. Log in to the Moodle and go to CyberEnglish.
  2. Find the Media & You discussion.
  3. Respond to as many questions as you like, but at least two.
  4. Reply to comments from others, as many as you like, but at least one.
  5. Your comments and replies must be backed up with reasons. Use the knowledge you gained from the webquest as well as your own experience.
  6. Do not use IM language in the Moodle discussion.
  7. Sign your posts!


Web Quest
& Moodle Discussion


Basics of Media Literacy
Media Journal
Advertising to Kids
Media & Obesity Project
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