Checklist for multigenre web


Student Name: ______________________________________________

Number Description of Task
Each completed task is worth 5 points, except concept map, which is worth 10. (This part is 45 points)
Due Date Done Points
1. I have narrowed my topic focus and turned in my topic. 3/21    
2. Working annotated bibliography is due. I have used MLA style. 3/28    
3. Concept map, illustrating the organization and design scheme of your web is due. 4/10    
4. Title page is due. 4/11    
5. First genre page is due. 4/14    
6. Two genres pages due. 4/18    
7. Rest of genre pages are due (four more).


8. Entire web is due (the project, graded later, is worth 150 points)


  Also: (see the main directions page for more information)      
  I have five in-text hyperlinks in my multigenre project.      
  I have a title page.      
  I have a table of contents page that includes hyperlinks to all my genre pages.      
  I have a prologue or preface.      
  I have seven genre pages.      
  I have an epilogue.      
  I have an annotated bibliography.      
  I have "repetend." I have used a unifying device.      
  I have completed my self-assessment.      

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