Multi-Genre Web Rubric


Student ________________________________________________________




Above Expectations—I’m in awe of you. You attended to every detail with precision.


Good, at expectations—some minor problems distract; your work is less precise than it could be.


Good attempt, not quite meeting expectations—several deviations exist. Attention to detail is limited.


Not really—you mis-understood the expectations, or too many mistakes or omissions exist.


You didn’t do this at all, or your attempt is so poor, so limited that no points are given.

Title page includes:

·         title (not label)

·         your first name only

·         the date (due date)

·         teacher & course name

·         a link to your index page

·         a link to the table of contents page

·         a link to your webfolio






Table of contents page is complete and well organized.






The opening/prologue meets expectations given in the original directions.






The epilogue/closing meets expectations given in the original directions.






The annotated bibliography correctly lists all sources according to MLA format, and annotations are complete and easy to understand.






There are five hyperlinks imbedded into the text of my genre pages. They are to relevant information that adds to my piece.






I have used repetend to create unity in my multigenre project; it is recognizable and effective.






The overall presentation quality of my project is inviting, easy to read and easy to navigate. All my hyperlinks work.












Well organized, logical. Very easy to follow.

No or very few convention errors.

Detailed, insightful—well developed.

Strong Voice—sounds convincing.


Good organization, logical overall.

A few convention errors.

Good details, less insightful.

Good voice.


Organization is generally good, but may be confusing at times.

Convention errors are noticeable.

Details are good; insight is limited or absent. Develop-ment is limited.

Voice is strained or stilted.


Organization is confusing or illogical. The piece is hard to follow.

Convention errors impair the readability.

Details are limited or redundant.

Voice is absent. Anyone could have written this piece.


This piece is absent from the project or is so poor an attempt that no points are given.

Genre page #1

Genre type:








Genre page #2

Genre type:








Genre page #3

Genre type:








Genre page #4

Genre type:








Genre page #5

Genre type:








Genre page #6

Genre type:








Genre page #7

Genre type:










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Overall Comments:


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