Methods for taking notes:

Because this multigenre web project is a research project, you have to read and gather information from outside sources (meaning outside your head and what you already know). These sources are discussed earlier. To take good, smart notes is important.

Dialectic notes:

Print this form or make your own.

Source Citation: use MLA format.


Your notes go here. Use one note per cell. Use a summary (shorten what you find), a paraphrase (put what you don't understand into your own words to make it easy to understand), a direct quotation/passage from the source (along with who said it, who that person is, when he/she said it and why). Also, record the page number for later reference. Write your ideas: Why is this important? How will you use this information? How does this information relate to what you already know?

Each annotation below will correspond directly with the note in the cell to the left.

Use this form for one source only!























Note Cards:

Use 4 x 6 index cards.

Bib cards: Make separate cards for each source and record all the bibliographic information in correct form. Label each card.

Note cards: Use one card per note (summary, paraphrase, direct quotation).

See the page in the Falcon Skills & Style Handbook about note cards.

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