Peer review guidelines for Speak

As you read your cyberpartner's essay,
make five comments using any of the following.

Also, develop your comments. Add the "why" to your comments.
Explain what you mean.


  • What attention getter is used? How is it effective?
  • Which sentence is the thesis? If you can't find it, let your cp know.
  • Is the essay easy to read?
  • Can you follow one idea easily to the next?
  • Does the organization of ideas seem logical?
  • Is the  thesis fully developed and supported (or does the writer abandon the idea and wander without direction)?
  • Do the supporting ideas create a full understanding of the topic?
  • Do the supporting ideas all belong to this essay (unity)?
  • Does the writer make any fact errors (get something wrong about the novel)?
  • Where do transitions exist and how are they effective in linking ideas and moving the reader to the next idea?
  • spelling
  • sentence faults (run ons, comma splices, fragments)
  • agreement errors
  • capitalization
  • usage
  • others
  • Does the writer use third person throughout? Check for instances of "I" or "you."
  • Listen to the sound of the essay. Are there places that are confusing or awkward to "say?"
  • Are there missing ideas?
  • Add anything else that you think will help your cyberpartner improve his/her writing.
  • Tell the writer which sentences are effective and why.
  • Point out great word choices and explain why they are effective.
  • Comment on the overall ideas in the paragraph.

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