Using Microsoft Word Reviewing Options

Read this entire page before you begin.


To review (comment on) your peer's work, use the tools found in the Reviewing toolbar.

Here is what the tool bar looks like. Rest your cursor on each of these tool icons in your open Word document  to see what it does.

The basic tool is the add comment tool. To insert a comment, make sure your cursor is blinking in the text right where you want to make the comment. Then click the comment icon. You need to be cautious about where you insert the comment. If you notice a word is misspelled, enter the comment right after the word. If there is an awkward phrase, enter the comment after that. Do not add all comments at the end of the piece of writing.

This is what your document will look like once you click the 'add comment' icon:

After you add the comment box, you need to type in what you think. Be sure you write carefully, explaining what you mean so your cyberpartner will understand your comments.


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